Index of abbreviations in the thesis

In the index of abbreviations, also called explanation of acronyms, a list is provided in alphabetical order of the abbreviations of the most important terms used in the three-year or master degree thesis. By reading this list in alphabetical order, the reader can easily identify the meaning of an abbreviation.

When to use an index of abbreviations

If many technical abbreviations are used in the thesis, it is advisable to also include an index of abbreviations. Not all readers of the three-year or master’s thesis will be familiar with these abbreviations, and many may even find them incomprehensible. The legibility of the document will certainly be facilitated with a list of the most used abbreviations.

Where to insert the index of abbreviations?

This index must be inserted at the beginning of the document, immediately after the thesis index; in this way the reader will be able to find the meaning of an abbreviation more easily.

Insert the index entry of the abbreviations in the thesis index, so that the reader will know that this section is also present in the paper.

In case only a few abbreviations need an explanation to be understandable, you can add a footnote. In this way the reader will have direct access to the necessary information without having to go back in reading.

Use abbreviations (acronyms) in the text

There are many rules regarding the use of abbreviations in a three-year or master’s thesis. In general, when using an abbreviation or, more specifically, an acronym, for a particular word or expression, the first time it appears in the text, it is written in its extended form. Immediately afterwards, in brackets, we indicate the abbreviation that will be used later in the rest of the document.

Abbreviations according to the APA style

Do you use the APA style? The APA style imposes other specific requirements regarding the use of abbreviations in a three-year or master’s thesis.